He's odd and he loves bacon.

Below is a list of my brother's most absurd Facebook posts.
He makes me laugh. I thought he might make you laugh, too.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

12Dec/09 with guests

Jason is going to place small pieces of bacon on his pillow so he can snack throughout the night.

MJ comments: That makes me think Bacon Ferry.

Yasher comments: MJ is right. The Bacon Fairy will come and leave you teeth.

Chris S comments: yum yum pigs bum

Jason comments: More teeth means I can eat more bacon?

Yasher comments: Not if the Bacon Fairy takes the bacon you've left under your pillow. I'd lay in wait then grab the wing-ed freak and give her a bacon shake down when she shows up!

MJ comments: Geez, you would think I could spell fairy. lmao

Jason comments: I don't know. A Bacon Ferry I think beats all. You can have a bacon piece, a bacon fairy and even a yum yum pigs bum but a ferry made of bacon is nothing like you have ever seen. You can not deny this bacon truth that we all share. Please place small pieces of bacon on your pillows. Then it will be complete. Surf the Bacon.

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