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Below is a list of my brother's most absurd Facebook posts.
He makes me laugh. I thought he might make you laugh, too.

Friday, September 10, 2010

10Sep/10 with more guests

Jason wonders that maybe when you think, it's actually happening in another dimension. As if your body is just a temporary device that your multi-dimensional mind is using until the body has just had enough and runs out of time. But your thinking continues regardless. Because your mind and thoughts are actually coming from somewhere, someplace that we can't even comprehend.

Jason adds: At least for me anyway.

Sarah says: Food for thought... thought for food? Where's the bacon in this theoretical speculation? ;-) Perhaps we are all just fancy marionettes from planet Bacon, and are therefore under the control of Baconites/Baconians... ;-) Perhaps we should read some Sir Francis Bacon for clarity on this situation. If "Acorns were good until bread was found" then I guess it should follow that pork was good until bacon was found. After that, there is just no going back! Back bacon back! Pun intended. ;-)

Jason says: I believe it more than just a theoretical speculation...
And if there was a planet Bacon, I would so destroy it with my mouth! I hope it's crispy. If my last name was bacon I would legally retire all my other names, except the Sir part. Go Team Bacon!

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