He's odd and he loves bacon.

Below is a list of my brother's most absurd Facebook posts.
He makes me laugh. I thought he might make you laugh, too.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

28Sep/11 pt. 2

Neil says: riddle me this ....... what is the longest yet the shortest thing in the world , the swiftest and the slowest , most divisible and most extended,least valued and most regretted,witout it nothing can be done,devours everything and gives life to all things ??? the answer to come later ..... or guess

Jason says: Cookies?

Brian says: bacon?

Shawn says: Time.

Neil says: lol the answer is ........ TIME

Brian says: whats that? Time for bacon?

Keith says: i like cookies and bacon

Jason says: I have time for both

Neil says: time is as time does

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